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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Go South, Young Man!

    After finally looking at one of those map things, Jess, Mel and Brendan came to the realization that the dream of biking the Olympic Peninsula would put us about three weeks behind our decidedly loose schedule, instead of the more palatable 1.5 weeks. So after hemming and hawing for an entire day in the suburbs of Seattle, we bit the bullet, stashed our bikes, and rented a car. A surely worthwhile trip, though when people asked "so what brought you out here?" the typical "we're biking the Pacific Coast!" was a little hard to explain.

    So now we set off for Portland, hoping to make the 200 mile trip in 3 or 4 days. Warm Showers has again brought us to some amazing hosts--Saul in northern Seattle owns 23 kayaks and organizes community kayaks two or three times a week for anyone who wants to go, free of charge! In the trendy downtown Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, we slept in a host's RV and were welcomed into the Fraternal Order of the Eagles--it sure looked like a regular bar from the outside!

    My neighbor, Wendy, is currently in Kenya teaching a class for Boston University about public health. Among her work visiting rural health clinics, she's been able to witness firsthand the power of bicycles that enables health workers to get around. Knowing that the money we're raising is making such a positive difference is even more reason to help us get up on the saddle and continue biking south! We're currently the biggest fundraisers for WBR--please consider donating to help us further.

    Thanks for everything and happy trails,
    Jess, Mel, Brendan

    Miles Total: 310.2
    Maximum Speed: 38.4 (holy crap, Seattle!)
    Money raised: $1200
    Bike repairs: replaced chain, cables, and rear derailer (Melanie)

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