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    Friday, July 3, 2009

    In Vancouver... here we go!

    I can't believe we made it... Jess, Brendan and I met up in Vancouver, CA yesterday afternoon and assembled my bike on the corner of Howe Street. It's crazy to think that we're actually starting this trip. We loaded up our bikes and hightailed it to the closest bike store for some much-needed advice and tune-ups. After a few hours of eating (yes!) and getting everything set up, there was nothing else to do but get up on the bikes and ride them. It was kind of scary swinging my leg over the saddle for the first time--I did a few loaded training rides before we left (not enough, obviously) but something about getting on the bike for the first time on the trip was mildly terrifying. Once I started pedaling, I immediately felt calmer. We reached our host's house in a funky downtown neighborhood (bike tourers: check out to find cycling hosts, it's a CouchSurfing site just for bikers that's worked out amazing for us so far).

    We've currently raised about $1100 for WBR (total not reflected on our website), and our eventual goal by the end of the trip is $2,000. F. K. Day, the founder of World Bicycle Relief, wrote a great article about his vision for the organization in Wend Magazine. You can donate to our ride by clicking here. Thanks for your support!

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